Duration 3-6 months with possibility of replication

A neuropsychological rehabilitation treatment aims both at the field of focal disorders and towards cognitive-motor behavioural and rehabilitative strategies.
The neuropsychological disorders treated are cognitive type (attention deficit, memory, learning, spatial disability, neglect, language, agnosia, apraxia, abstraction deficit and planning) and emotional-behavioral (apathy, impulsivity, irritability, anosognosia). They could result both from neurological pathologies (strokes, head trauma, multiple sclerosis, outcomes of cancer encephalitis and post-surgical, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia) and from psychopathologies.

The prognosis of functional recovery of neuropsychological disorders depends on many variables among which have a particular importance:

  • motivation and attention
  • gender
  • age
  • sex
  • level of schooling
  • etiology
  • neurological factors
  • ability to learn before trauma
  • cognitive abilities before trauma
  • post-traumatic cognitive level
  • degrees of awareness
  • internal locus of control and severity of injury

Interview, neuropsychological evaluation, individual plan definition, final revaluation, restitution.


Customizable dates and times
Location: The Care Group in collaboration with the Municipal Pharmacies

The project includes an initial cognitive screening at the participating pharmacies, by qualified health professionals, to verify their cognitive development and then to evaluate two types of cognitive stimulation paths, both useful to prevent or slow down a possible decay or simply to improve their performance.

The two possible routes are the following:
1. individual path suitable for those who want to participate individually in a targeted cognitive stimulation, built on their skills/ difficulties. The course is divided into a total of 11  meetings divided into three months of individual guided work.

2. group course of 4 people useful for those who prefer to participate in a general cognitive training and carried out in the company of people with the same cognitive level. The course is divided into 11 meetings divided into three months of work in a small group.

The general objective of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation is to promote greater autonomy and psychosocial integration of the individual, as well as a better psychological balance. The aim is to achieve the general objective by first achieving specific sub-objectives that are fundamental to the life of the patient by building an individual treatment plan based on clinical observation during the neuropsychological interview and the results of the neuropsychological evaluation.

To join the courses, also open to those who have not carried out screening at the pharmacy, send us an email.


Location: The Care Group – via Francesco Baracca, 28 – San Paolo D’Argon (BG)

Snoezelen is a selected offering of controllable primary stimuli in an attractive environment to generate well-being.
It is a form of accompaniment aimed at generating states of relaxation or activation.

The Snoezelen room of The Care Group is the first to open to the Italian territory to welcome the community -the Snoezelen rooms have been built in-house to the benefit of their guests until now-offering multi-sensory activities in a dedicated environment for the well-being of the person.
Paths designed for those who are facing an important disease or the illness of a loved one, for the difficult moments of life, to face a loss or simply for those who wants to be better with himself.

The Snoezelen room is open by appointment to individuals and couples without age limit. The sessions can be regular or can be enjoyed individually after a proper interview with the operator.
The operator is nationally certified as a guarantee of quality and professionalism.