The Care Group consists of realities that operate in different contexts sharing a unique mission:
the attention to the Person.

The services offered by the group are aimed at improve the quality of life for people with fragilities.
Both families and companies can find in The Care Group’s affiliations an helpful assistance for their needs.

The strength of the Group is the professionalism matured over time, today able to provide concrete and effective answers to the requests of the territory.

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A Present Group

Whether you are a Structure or Private, is at your disposal an information service that can provide the most useful information for your case.

The Care Group Toll Free Number* is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 -18:00.

* Pricing: from fixed Italian network up to 7.5 cents (maximum cost) – cost per minute to be paid by the caller. The breakdown of the cost of calls from the mobile network depends on the contract signed with your telephone operator. 

The companies of The Care Group

innovative elder research

The Innovative Studies Elder Research was born from the idea of Dr. Ivo Cilesi, the highest expert both at the European and international level of Non-Drug Therapies (TNFs). Dr. Cilesi has devoted his entire life to deepening, applying and studying the effectiveness of the non-pharmacological approach to the patient suffering from dementia. IER studies, analyzes, experiments, researches all the TNFs to demonstrate their value and outline guidelines for a correct application. Dr. Ivo Cilesi was the President of Innovative Elder Research and passed away for Coronavirus on March 1, 2020.


Newco Research Development and Innovation has as its object the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value, specifically: analysis of business situations and of the entire production and organizational process, introducing innovative methods and processes to increase productivity and quality of products and services to diversify the commercial area, to improve the quality of personnel work, with relative certification of process and training of the staff with Lean method. Marketing of procedures and software useful for the analysis and application of the innovative processes in question. The final objective is to support the Entrepreneur or Manager to grow the company by developing innovative projects together, collaborating strategically and operationally, preparing all the necessary documentation to be able to obtain tax and contribution benefits related to Innovation and research creating the conditions for growth at all levels.

ammonis center

New reality of care and assistance based at the bathing establishment 'Respighi' in Tabiano Bagni in Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) dedicated to the promotion of psychophysical well-being through INNOVATIVE NON-PHARMACOLOGICAL THERAPIES, aimed at the prevention of mental distress and other conditions of malaise which may affect the mental state of the person.
The NON PHARMACOLOGICAL THERAPIES offered by the center are also aimed at preventing cognitive decay and strengthening cognitive functions, promote the maintenance of functional autonomy of daily life and allow the management of behavioural problems in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly with developmental disorders, psychiatric problems and neuro-degenerative diseases.
The Center also wants to be support to caregivers creating moments of relaxation as well as moments of patient support. The training for RSA operators, with the assisted and accompanying family members is functional to recognize the cognitive decay. The activation of good relational practices ensures the reduction of stress to improve the quality of life. The therapeutic interventions of the Ammonis Center are integrated with the reality of Thermal Cures, where the paths of care are built in constant synergy, to ensure the best quality of care of physical and mental well-being, putting in the center the individual as a mind-body unit.

Insieme a te

Insieme A Te is a non-profit organization that pursues a unique innovative and synergistic project: OPTIMUS DOMI thanks to which, in Italy and abroad, home care is provided with the approach Person Centred Care (PCC).
Insieme A Te was created with the aim of providing home care 24 hours a day for fragile people, to ensure their well-being and quality of life. The service is aimed at all people (young, old, disabled and psychic), who are in conditions of reduced or missed self sufficiency. Insieme A Te also aims to live the home care of the Assisted and his family with safety and serenity, through the assignment of a home assistant trained and constantly followed by a specialist Tutor in the psychological area and aging, who support the family and the Assistant. The great added valueguaranteed by Insieme A Te is given by being able to offer people all the care and support necessary within their home, in a family environment and emotionally sense for the Assisted, to respond in a targeted and realistic way to emerging needs in your family environment.

dp support

DP Support is a modern, effective, dynamic reality born in order to be a valid support tool for the company, its profession, the family with consulting services and legal, social and insurance assistance.


Cornucopia, an institution accredited to training and work services at the Lombardy Region, is a social enterprise active in the processes of training, enhancement and development of human resources, in search of organizational and managerial excellence. Cornucopia is also a national ECM provider, accredited to the Ministry of Health for residential training throughout the country.